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Suzi says… Fear of flying no more

Testimonial Hi Luca Hope this finds you well. Just to thank you again, I flew to Berlin this weekend and had no problems with the flights, I even helped someone sitting next to me who was scared !! Thanks again, … Continue reading

Luca Senatore leaves Salus Wellness

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And joins… No, I am not so self-centered to the point of writing an article about changing my “job”. During the years running my own businesses I have built an extensive network of contacts and I feel that it is fair … Continue reading

Jeff says…

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Testimonial Luca is in the people business. That is his priority and sole purpose when pursuing this kind of profession/career. Many know how to talk, however many do not how to communicate, Luca is a master of the latter without … Continue reading

Alison says

Dear Luca, I have left this email for a couple of weeks so as to have the opportunity to try out the tools you have shared with us encluding the Mp3s that you have sent me. I am very happy … Continue reading

Frioretta says

Luca hi, Thank you for an amazing seminar,beautifully presented with ,competence, highly professional,warm and very enjoyable,great energy and life changing,humour and fun! Fioretta

Natasha says

Listening to Luca is inspiring. He speaks with such passion and enthusiasm. You know that what he talks about come from practice and experience and not just from reading books. Being able to trust in him comes so easy because … Continue reading

Jack says

Testimonial – MMA Guys! If you are an MMA athletes – or even if yo do it for fun, improrve your performance by checking out MMA Mind Power – Jack – MW (via Twitter)

Claire says

Testimonial – Weight I hope you are well. I will definitely sponsor your Spartan sprint – it certainly looks like a great challenge – good luck with the training! Things are continuing to go well for me. I am following … Continue reading

Claire Says

Testimonial Hi Luca, Thanks so much for the links to the audio files, and for a wonderful day at the seminar. I really enjoyed the experience and I left with the feeling that I could do anything! There was a … Continue reading

Tess says

Testimonials “Before my first session with Luca I was somewhat sceptical, more of my own belief that Hypnotherapy could work for me. Luca very quickly put that thought into perspective….. After the first session I felt very differently about my … Continue reading